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Vehicle Activated Sign - Portable Radar Speed Display

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SDB-12 and SDB-18

Portable radar speed display sign, dolly mountedOur radar speed display vehicle activated sign is dolly mounted for greatest portability and ease of deployment and comes in two sizes, with digits of either 12" in height (the SDB-12) or 18" in height (theSDB-18) .

It provides a very useful tool to warn approaching drivers of their speed whilst at the same time having a relatively small physical size so as not to obstruct their view of pedestrians.

Ideal for helping to prevent accidents, protecting children,protecting road workers ... indeed in any area where excessive speed is a potential problem.

Outline specifications of the Onsite200:-

The SDB-12 has similar specifications except that the size of the display digits is less (12 inches) and the whole unit weight is some 20%less.

Pole Mounted Sign

Pole Mounted Speed Display from Littlewood HireOur pole mounted speed unit has a high intensity LED display which is visible up to 1000 feet away.

The internal Radar unit will track vehicles coming towards it from 1500 feet away giving an accuracy tolerance of +/- 0.1mph.

This makes the unit a favourite choice on hundreds of private sites across the world.
The unit has the following options within its enclosure controls:-

Our speed display can also accept a plug in unit which will record vehicle data, e.g. Speed, Time, Date, Vehicle averages and peak times for infringements.


Trailer mounted unit

Hire / Rent or purchase one of our Speed Display Trailers:

Vehicle Activated Speed Display Trailer from Littlewood HireSimilar specification to the dolly mounted unit but equipped with a solar panel for battery recharging.

Vehicle Activated Speed Display Trailer from Littlewood Hire lowered for towing


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